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New Generation Academy is Accredited at the highest level through the Georgia Accrediting Association (GAC)

As a status, accreditation is simply public, professional recognition of meeting standards of quality for academic work completed in a program of study. Curriculums are not accredited nor are individuals, per GAC; schools or study programs are accredited.  As a process, accreditation reflects achievement and recognition by the accrediting agency of being committed to self-study and external review by peer educators to meet standards and enhance the quality of education.  Professional institutions recognize accreditation agencies for specific purposes, including transfer of credits from one program to another, college admissions, and scholarship programs.
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Our Professional (Accreditation) Status:
New Generation Academy operates in an Accredited with Quality status as a Non-Traditional Education Center with consistent standards reviews under The Georgia Accrediting Commission (www.coe.uga.edu/gac/). The GAC accreditation means we are approved by the Chancellor's Office, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (the governing board of Georgia public universities and colleges which sets admissions policies), the Georgia HOPE scholarship program, ACCEL (joint enrollment program paid for by HOPE), and other GAC schools.
Transcript Fees are separate from NGA tutoring or co-op fees and tuition.
  • NGA Co-op Participating Family Fee $200.00/student/year
  • NGA Drop off Student Fee $300.00/student/year

Georgia Accrediting Commission:  Mission Statement

The GAC serves as a means of ensuring that its membership meets certain standards for the operation and support of quality school programs in the State of Georgia. Specifically, GAC establishes standards and procedures to carry out the accreditation process. GAC also determines the accreditation status of the educational program of each school and publishes an annual list of schools with accredited programs. The GAC recognizes five levels and the Executive Director issues certificates for those schools Provisionally Accredited, Accredited Annually, Accredited, Accredited Fully, and Accredited With Quality.

The mission of The Georgia Accrediting Commission is two fold: 

(1) to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia, and (2) to encourage schools to meet the established standards. GAC provides an accreditation process designed to establish and uphold standards, to strengthen the quality of education in each school, and to assure its membership and the general public that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.

The Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) has accredited Georgia schools that meet its standards since 1904. Schools must complete an application and submit to an on-site visit by a GAC consultant to obtain GAC accreditation and must have a GAC consultant on-site visit every five years to maintain accreditation.

The accreditation status of each school must be approved by the GAC Board of Directors. The GAC, an independent agency, is governed by a board of elected educators who have an interest in education in Georgia. Membership of the governing board represents teachers, instructional supervisors, school administrators, Regional Educational Service Agency personnel, Georgia Department of Education personnel, and college personnel who are responsible for the preparation of teachers and other professional educators.